Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ice Boating Art & Illustrations

Through the years I've come across more beautiful paintings and illustrations of ice yachting scenes. Magazine covers, book covers, calendars, and more.
A collection of images follow....

cover illustration 1900

H. Percy Ashley's sketch, for Rudder Magazine. December 1901.

Detail from antique print, circa 1878.

Detail of sketch from print, circa 1876.

Hand colored print from  John A. Roosevelt's scrapbook, 1899.
This was the cover illustration from an issue of Harpers Weekly, January 7, 1899.
From the scrapbook of John A. Roosevelt.

The Slee Brothers were photographers out of Poughkeepsie. The photos would be used to create illustrations and prints.
I haven't found a lot about the Slee Bros. yet. This is also from Roosevelt's collection. circa 1876.

An old print, circa 1881.  I found this in John A. Roosevelt's scrapbook. Ice yachts were a nuisance to those who preferred taking their Horses & sleighs out for a ride on the river. The speeding yachts would frighten the trotters, at times upsetting the sleigh and passengers onto the ice. As the iceboat men said at the time: "The river was made for boats, not for horses." 

Detail of print above. This print often comes up for sale on Ebay.

I'm fairly certain this illustration came from observations on Orange Lake in the early 1900s. These are the 250 sq ft class yachts that Percy Ashley was designing and of which were being built at Orange Lake. Ashley promoted his designs through the pages of Rudder magazine.

Insurance calendar out of Vermont, 1917.

Detail of the calendar artwork above. I love this picture. 

Magazine cover 1927. 

This came from Ray Ruge's collection at the HRMM.

Magazine cover 1921. 

Detail of cover above. The hollow backbone North Wind still sails with the HRIYC. 

Iceboats have appeared in many advertisements from the early 1900s through today.
They have their fair share of alcohol related promotion!

Book Jacket cover art.

Who knew ice boats are featured in a recent Clive Cussler novel?
This illustration is adapted from photo images of Vixen, a Hudson River yacht and
a lateen yacht from Canada, images of which have been shown racing a motorcycle in the early 1900s.

Magazine cover 1927.

Cover of a German book on ice yachts.
This is from Ray Ruge's collection. 

Hallmark co-opts ice yachts too!

-I'll continue to add to this over time; enjoy.  Comments, other images welcome.


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