Saturday, February 10, 2018

Rocket has Landed... ----------->> ice conditions --------->>

The largest ice yacht  of the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club was set up on Orange Lake Saturday. It is hoped that ice will be ready next Saturday for sailing.
Rocket was originally built in 1888 to race against the Jack Frost & Icicle of the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club for the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America. She never made it up to the Hudson in those days. Fast forward 100 years: members of the NSIYBC raise money and rebuild her over a 10 year period. She is launched on the Hudson River in 2014. This is her second trip to Orange Lake
(see blog banner photo of Rocket & Jack Frost from 2015). Great summary of Rocket re-build can be found on John Sperr's website.
Rocket is 50' in length and carries  900sq ft of sail!   It was a warm 40 degrees as a group of 2 dozen Red Bank sailors and HRIYC members helped set up or just watched and gave opinions....

sorting out and securing diamond stays

Starboard runner bolted into it's chock

Mast is wheeled out, ready to be stepped onto backbone
Clever Gin-Pole assist to step the mast

mast is set down on mast step, with one hand on the drill and one on the base....

repurposed sail boat mast is stepped just forward of Rocket's mast step.
The drill turns a cable system that lifts mast up into place.
attaching boom to mast

setting cockpit onto backbone

sails to be bent on next week.

Surface of the lake is covered with crusty ice. Upcoming rain should saturate that and smooth out surface nicely. Awaiting cold to firm up the surface...hoping all unfolds for next Saturday...

circa 1900?

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday

photo by Jack Norton
Arrived at the Lake around 10 as the last puffs of wind carried a handful of boats around the Lake. By the time we got our gear on the ice the wind evaporated. Reid pushed Vixen out and ghosted along for a bit. We went out to help push him back to the pits and lo and behold, a breeze came up and we all sailed back together. It was that kind of day - the teasing breezes.  Everyone realized it and by noon all the boats dropped sails and packed up. Cyclone held out...hoping... pushed the boat a bit - sucked into a brief breeze that dies as soon as we were 4 boat lengths along... then a few snow flakes arrived around 1:30 and with that a front brought in enough wind that 3 of us got out for 20 minutes for some nice runs across the lake.  By 2pm  it was done for the day and off to Super Bowl festivities.
Kudos to Rick & Jane Lawrence for being giving and cheerful hosts to all the sailors.

A sublime Sunday sail on Vixen....

Neat history confirmed with Rick over food & drink after sailing... His house on a point at the south end of Orange Lake was the site of the clubhouse of the Orange Lake Ice Yacht Club, founded in 1888.. The big boats of the OLIYC launched from this same spot we sail from today.

To be continued, next weekend.  snow coming mid-week?? 
Waiting for the wind...
 a gallery of name plates..

Ymir was built by George Buckhout, and sailed with the HRIYC in the early 1900s. some where after it was brought to NJ.

Icicle was class D champ in the 1939 & 1940 Eastern Ice Yacht Association races. 
and check out this cool shot of same yacht Icicle from  exactly 80 years ago in  Newark NJ magazine photo shoot...

XLNC is from the Long Branch (NJ) Ice Yacht Club.

Veteran skipper and ice yachting master Reid Beilenberg at the helm of John A. Roosevelt's ice yacht Vixen.
Finding the one pocket of wind on the lake when all sails were still...

Some photos from Saturday. Thanks to Jack Norton for sharing his pictures:

Arrow class bow-steerer.

A few of the A-Boats racing.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

White Wings on Orange Lake

Saturday, February 3

 27 boats of assorted classes and sizes are on the ice outside of Newburgh.
Antique stern steerers included a large contingent from the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club.
GeorgieII, Ruth, Ymir, Pet, Princeton, Phantom, XLNC & Icicle.  Most of these "A" boats
(designated as per sail area) are over 100 years old.
Hudson River Ice Yacht Club stern steerers:  Vixen, Ice Queen, Whirlwind, Genevivie, Puff, Lady, Helen C., Cyclone.  (I'm likely missing 1 or 2..)
Rain looks to be arriving mid afternoon Sunday, so early sailing will be the order of the day.

Some scrub racing took place with 7-8 of the old boats.