Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Manhasset restoration

November 6, 2016
Repair station Glasco...

Stripping off paint from the runners. Will varnish the oak.

Stripping off paint from bronze end caps. Will polish them up when done.

Epoxy in cracks and filled bolt holes. Will re-drill runner chock bolt holes. 

Repair crew (this night) in Glasco workshop. 

More sanding. 

all bolts removed are cleaned up on wire wheels and will be painted "Hudson River chrome."

October 28, 2016:
Repair station Glasco...
work on the plank;
began removing threaded rod/chock bolts.  having the right tools makes all the difference.
decided we will use brass end caps.
removed 3 corner plank pieces.  still scratching our heads as to why they are as they are.  will clean them up & re-glue.
will epoxy cracks/splits in the end of plank;  fill plank bolt holes with epoxy, then redrill.

An angled edge "cap" of sorts were nailed/screwed/doweled into place on 3 of the 4 outer end edges of the plank; thought they might be cracks that were glued/screwed, but it is a smooth planed section.  to be re-glued in place.

Never would have gotten the bolts out without the pneumatic drill.  torched them for a while before trying.

2 of the 4 removed,  will be cleaned up and reused.

another look at one of the cap pieces removed.   also removing the
old dried putty that was used to help bed in the brass end caps.

The biggest split on the starboard end of the plank.
 not something typically seen on the end of a plank.
the indentation with the holes is where one of the chocks for runner goes.

October 23, 2016:
Repair station Glasco...

Winch/crane system makes it easy work to pull the runner plank out of the trailer.
-remove chocks
-remove bronze end caps from plank.
-next up - clean up bolts; sanding;  some epoxy work in cracks.
-Do we put end caps back on?  or leave the wood exposed?

Plank is around 16'10".

Starboard runner chock, with runner bolt in place.

Port runner chock - outer section.

Heating the lag bolt on this chock brace for easier removal.

starboard chock, inner section

Some large cracks in end.  some epoxy work to fill in.

Port underside of plank.

some old, dried putty to be removed.
It was put down before the bronze end caps were put n. 

 to be continued...

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