Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We are finished! Ice Conditions------------>

Boats are packed up and store away till next winter.

All Boats were dismantled on Friday - time to varnish and tweak rigging till next winter.

Do check back to this blog for more on the history of ice yachting on the Hudson River. We are still finding & restoring old boats, and discovering articles and stories.... 


  1. Good morning!
    Sorry for posting here, this comment isn't related to the above photos, but the image in which I'm interested isn't clickable and I didn't see an email address. Do you know anything about the history of the sketch in the right sidebar column (under the 130 year anniversary patch) captioned "Ice Yachting on the Hudson, circa 1880?" My mother recently passed away and I am the daughter who now owns a framed print of that same piece. Written or printed (sort of looks like handwriting or calligraphy) on the matting is "Ice Boating" and underneath that "Avalanche, Gypsie, Icicle, Haze." I just started iceboating a couple months ago; my father, Chuck Nevitt, was an avid iceboater (he had an unofficial speed record in WI in the 1950s on the Flying Dutchman) and my parents had this piece on the walls of their homes since I was a small child. I'm also curious to know if anyone in your club knows which boat is which, since there are seven boats, five closer than the others, and only four names written on the matting.

    1. Hi Val -
      The sketch is a lithograph by Frederick Cozzens. He was a maritime artist in 1800s -
      here's link to some info about him:
      as to boats - in order L-R from back left, I would say it is Avalanche, Gypsy, and Icicle. Icicle is large yacht at center with 2 pennants flying.
      The Haze may be the boat in right foreground; Or it may be yacht just behind Icicle. Really hard to tell for sure. Cozzens paintings are close, though don't really have enough detail. I think the boat in foreground to the right is Whiff. as for others in way back, can't say for sure.
      You'll see all those boats listed in the Poughkeepsie club book 1877 - here: ; Note there was a Flying Dutchman sailing on the hudson as well!
      and here's an ebay listing of same print
      Glad to hear your are ice boating! any other questions, email me at