Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Race of the Ice Yachts - Hurrah for the race! Hurrah!

Photo courtesy of the Poughkeepsie Public Library; from their Main & Market Collection. 

135 years ago this month... 

Ho!  For the Yachts! Hoho!
The ice is smooth,
The breeze is fair,
The day is bright,
Crisp is the air;
Ho for the Yachts! Hoho! 

Hurrah for the race! Hurrah!
Eager they come to win the prize,
Flitting about like butterflies;
Gliding along to try their speed --
Going about (take heed, take heed)
So quickly that each one must need 
A cool head in the willer,
A strong hand on the tiller: 
For perils and dangers
Surround these swift rangers--
Hurrah for the race! Hurrah! 

Read on here for the rest of this cheery poem from March of 1883. 
Who will win?? Scud? Icicle? Aeolus? Jack Frost?.....

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