Saturday, February 3, 2018

White Wings on Orange Lake

Saturday, February 3

 27 boats of assorted classes and sizes are on the ice outside of Newburgh.
Antique stern steerers included a large contingent from the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club.
GeorgieII, Ruth, Ymir, Pet, Princeton, Phantom, XLNC & Icicle.  Most of these "A" boats
(designated as per sail area) are over 100 years old.
Hudson River Ice Yacht Club stern steerers:  Vixen, Ice Queen, Whirlwind, Genevivie, Puff, Lady, Helen C., Cyclone.  (I'm likely missing 1 or 2..)
Rain looks to be arriving mid afternoon Sunday, so early sailing will be the order of the day.

Some scrub racing took place with 7-8 of the old boats. 

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  1. Brian I didn't see you! But we were all completely covered up in disguise. Great day out on Orange Lake!