Saturday, February 10, 2018

Rocket has Landed...

The largest ice yacht  of the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club was set up on Orange Lake Saturday. It is hoped that ice will be ready next Saturday for sailing.
Rocket was originally built in 1888 to race against the Jack Frost & Icicle of the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club for the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America. She never made it up to the Hudson in those days. Fast forward 100 years: members of the NSIYBC raise money and rebuild her over a 10 year period. She is launched on the Hudson River in 2014. This is her second trip to Orange Lake
(see blog banner photo of Rocket & Jack Frost from 2015). Great summary of Rocket re-build can be found on John Sperr's website.
Rocket is 50' in length and carries  900sq ft of sail!   It was a warm 40 degrees as a group of 2 dozen Red Bank sailors and HRIYC members helped set up or just watched and gave opinions....

sorting out and securing diamond stays

Starboard runner bolted into it's chock

Mast is wheeled out, ready to be stepped onto backbone
Clever Gin-Pole assist to step the mast

mast is set down on mast step, with one hand on the drill and one on the base....

repurposed sail boat mast is stepped just forward of Rocket's mast step.
The drill turns a cable system that lifts mast up into place.
attaching boom to mast

setting cockpit onto backbone

sails to be bent on next week.

Surface of the lake is covered with crusty ice. Upcoming rain should saturate that and smooth out surface nicely. Awaiting cold to firm up the surface...hoping all unfolds for next Saturday...

circa 1900?

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