Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sails up! 2015 sailing season starts!

Sunset on the Hudson River at Barrytown.
Vixen facing south toward Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

The breeze came up early afternoon in Barrytown. Several dozen visitors took rides on Vixen, under the steady hand of skipper Reid Beilenberg. Puff was out sailing as well, along with a couple of Arrows. Rain Sunday will likely squelch any sailing for the day and may very well compromise the conditions and safety of being on the ice. It is suggested you DO NOT access the ice unless you have fully investigated whether the ice is safe.
This rain may help smooth out rough ice on Tivoli Bay, which may make that an excellent venue for next weekend.

Meanwhile further south... 

The original sign of the OLIYC that hung at the old clubhouse.

Vintage megaphone from the club.
 A small fleet of bow & stern steerers enjoyed sunny skies and no wind. Most skippers didn't bother raising sail. Jack Frost & Rocket managed a few tacks before pushing back to the pits. 

Rocket, rigged and sailing for the second season since it was rebuilt. 

The two largest traditionally rigged Ice Yachts in the world - Rocket (1888)  & Jack Frost (1893)
I would venture today was the first time in 124 years at Orange Lake that there has been the largest of ice yachts from New Jersey and Hudson River Clubs since the famed Van Nostrand Challenge Cup Race of 1891. The Scud, of North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club, won that race, claiming the silver cup.  Scud out sailed Dragon, of Carthage Ice Yacht Club, and Lady of the Lake & Windward of the OLIYC in the 20 mile race. (I'll add more detail to this event in a later post some day) 

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