Friday, March 12, 2010

Rockin the (ice) Boat

Flashback to 2010:  From archives... Back in the winter of 2010, the Boat building non-profit ";Rockin the Boat"; (old friend Adam Green, founder & director) launched their ice boat built in their shop over the summer of 2010 by teens from the Bronx. This was the first time on the ice for just about all the students. Tony, their instructor, helps them set it up.  Dock Shuter, Ricky Aldrich & myself offer guidance. 
There was little to no wind, and a few design issues that would have challenged its ability to sail. Still it was a successful culmination for the students who enjoyed a freezing day on the frozen Hudson River. 
Yet, in the end, it was a sad day for all as we watch the crash of a training jet just north of the Rhinecliff Bridge ( a mile? from us, killing the local Red Hook doctor who was flying it around us moments before.
Long Journey from the Bronx to Barrytown. 

Launching the stern steerer just north of Astor Point, Barrytown, NY.
Oak plank, T iron on oak runners.

Tony & students step the mast

Ice was softening by the time it was fully rigged and there was little wind.

The boat currently is stored at Rokeby.

Happy boat builders & first time ice boaters.

Note the Rhinecliff Bridge in background.  It is ~ 1 mile south.
We watched this training jet buzz by us repeatedly, a very unusual sight.
As it attempted a vertical ascent near the bridge, it stalled and plunged into the river less than a mile from us
out on the ice. We were stunned and saddened.

Not the only boat on (in) the ice that day...

Cabin cruiser locked in at Astor Point, Feb. 2010.