Thursday, December 15, 2011

FDR's Ice Yacht Hawk, moved out of FDR Museum

The Archives, again. December 2011 ( I think)
Members of HRIYC help the National Park Service extricate FDR's ice yacht Hawk
from the basement of the FDR library. NPS planned a major renovation of the library then and Hawk had to go - it wasn't in the plans for the redesigned museum. Before going to warehouse storage a mile away, we set it up in the Wallace Visitors Center; It was the first public display of the ice yacht in a long time.
Many thanks to Tom Smith for capturing the event on film. Photos courtesy & copyright Tom Smith.

Basement of the FDR library. Hawk had been out of view for many years.

The removal team. 

Then director Sarah Olsen hands over the tiller to then commodore Bob Wills.

Backbone comes out the casement window, 

The pieces went on a 150 yard walk from Museum to Visitor Center.

Plank come out.

One of the sheer legs of this lateen rigged boat.


Mighty big & heavy runners on Hawk. 

Arriving in the Wallace Visitors Center.

Hawk was then displayed for 2 weeks over the December holidays.

Starboard runner bolted on.

Gammon strap bolts plank & backbone together.

Buckhout built Hawk in 1901.

Beautiful velvet covered, horsehair cushions.

The late Bob Lawrence oversees the assembly.

Mostly complete, happy assembly crew.

FDR was vice commodore of HRIYC in 1908.
More HERE during a later display in 2014.