Sunday, October 21, 2018

Ice Yachts sketches

I love the old sketches/drawings/prints of ice yachts from the late 1800s.  Magazines, Newspapers, and other publications employed illustrators to capture the action on the ice. Often the sketch was made from a photograph. Here are a collection of ice yachting sketches from the 1860s through 1900 or so.  Not complete, and I will continue to add to these as I stumble upon more.  Many of these are images I took directly from John A. Roosevelt's (JAR) scrapbooks, which are housed at the FDR Library in Hyde Park, NY.

Probably the oldest of these sketches - this dates to Nov. 1861 and accompanied an article in Scientific American.
This is John A. Roosevelt's Icicle.

The Slee Brothers were photographers based in Poughkeepsie. This is from the late 1860s, maybe 1869.

Well, it is JAR's scrapbook, so many Icicle references can be found. 
This is from a publication called "Spirit of the Times" from 1877. 

 Likely Avalanche - E. Harrison Sandford's lateen yacht.

 Sketch of Aaron Innis' Haze;  curious note JAR added - "Now Gracie - 1875"  -- appears Roosevelt acquired Haze & renamed it Gracie.
 Apparently Ice sailing was popular on lakes and ponds in Brooklyn!   More Brooklyn next:

 Ice Boating perils near Poughkeepsie!!

 Not exactly ice boating, but love this idea....