Sunday, January 31, 2016

winter's past..

With the lack of ice so far, thought I'd share some scenes from winter's past. Hoping for cold soon!

Aurora sails Bantam Lake 2002, John Rose at the helm.
This was the only ice in the area that winter. 

Orange Lake in 2009, Ice Yacht Cold Wave.

Cyclone sailing off Athens-on-Hudson Feb, 2009. 

Now Then, at Athens, 2009.

Genevieve, Athens, 2009.

Hound, Ice Queen, Cyclone, Orange Lake 2009.

Hudson -Athens Lighthouse 2009.
Tivoli Bay fleet 
fleet at Rokeby-on-Hudson 2014

No winter yet, No ice!

No Ice, No sailing in this part of NYS.
Folks have been sailing elsewhere, actually. There has been lots of good ice in Maine,  and Wisconsin.

There was some ice on Tivoli Bay last weekend, but the surface left a lot to be desired and it wasn't sufficient thickness. Edges were flooded with water ( Tide was quite high then) and access was impossible without getting wet. With fairly warm temperatures throughout this past week (last week of January) this ice won't build thickness at all. we'll need a snow, some warming and a good freeze to level out this surface. We still have February... (this upcoming week is not encouraging though...., still I'm optimistic).

Come out to Olana on Feb. 6. There'll be a showing of the short "Against the Wind," filmed on the river in 2014.  And I'll show a few slides and set up Cyclone.  More details here.
south end of Tivoli South Bay; water chestnuts, mud frozen into the surface. 
Looking NE towards Skillypot. rough surface, not ready.