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Manhassett set up

 Finally posting pictures of the Set-Up session we had for Manhasset in September. We finished up the  restoration of this 1906 Buckhout-built stern steerer in late August, and spent an afternoon setting her up at Steve Young's barn in Tivoli. 

 We wanted to see if we had all the parts and hoped to step the mast and bend her sails on.  Unfortunately we ran out of time, but had a very nice gathering with a small masked group to get half way there.  Next stop, firm ice with easy access! 

Most Pictures from Jack Norton & Bob Wills - Many thanks!

 Skim through pictures of  some of the restoration work here.

initial restoration of the plank here.

A bit of history of Manhasset. 

  More history of Manhasset, with Buckhout letter & films.

Bringing 32 ft hollow backbone to set up area.

attaching runners and plank hardware. 
(runners still need sharpening) 

Backbone set on the plank.

attaching Gammon straps; all hardware was cleaned up on a wire wheeled & painted. 

Mast step & jib traveller are cast bronze .
Tiller as well. 

Forward cockpit set in place.

Julian at the tiller. He directed most of the repairs 
and  problem solved fixes needed. 

christening toast 

Jim Scott's home made crane makes packing her away much easier..

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archives post----Athens February 2009

February 8, 2009;  trying to remember these winters past... 
We had 2 good weekends in Athens, NY ( Greene County), on the Hudson River. 
This was the last 2 days, though there was a boat or 2 that stayed the following Monday.  
There were ~20 boats out that weekend, about a dozen stern steerers and an equal amount of bow steerers.
There was VERY lively racing of iceboats between clubs in Athens and Hudson as far back as the 1880s. see end of post for a few articles. 

Feb 2009




Ariel, Ice Queen

Hound, loaded up


Boats from HRIYC and Red Bank

Now Then


      Now Then & reflection...

Hound, heading east toward the island in the River 
that separates the city of Hudson on the east shore 
and Athens on the west shore.  

February 1883 article:   "This is business, not wind..."

                                 1881 news article:
 "There are about 100 ice yachts on the Hudson River, worth in all about $7000."