Friday, February 15, 2013

Sailing, Tivoli Bay, February 2013

From the archives (actually from our old HRIYC Yahoo group - that platform has changed so I'm grabbing past files of pictures from various years, before it all disappears);

A gorgeous Sunday on Tivoli South Bay, one of our regular sailing locations.  February, 2013.

Fleet: Floater, Galatea, Orion, Hound, Cyclone, Arrow225

              Cyclone, Orion in distance. 

Hound, with family aboard.   Hudson River ( not frozen) is just beyond 
the brush and railroad tracks in the distance. 

The kids commandeer Cyclone.  ( not much wind this afternoon) 

Cyclone, Orion, and a DN
                          Typical Tivoli Bay ice - water chestnuts frozen in, and assorted river debris. 

                                  Galatea & Triform Crew. 

                                         Galatea & Floater, waiting for the wind.  

                                     Galatea, Orion, Floater, Cyclone 

                                         Captain Frank & his Arrow 225. 

And, in typical Hudson Valley weather fashion, we get a storm shortly after the fabulous conditions above.  Likely 8-10 inches, we are snowed in for awhile. Don't think we were able to set sail again that season.