Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How Many Boats were there??

An Historic Gathering of Ice Yachts

I've attempted to create a  list of stern steerers on the ice the during  March, 2014.  I include some info re: age and in some cases, original owners.  It was truly the largest gathering of ice boats I've seen on the Hudson River.

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club:

Jack Frost (1892, 1972) Archibald Rogers yacht, Hyde Park
Rip Van Winkle (1906??)
Vixen (1883) John A. Roosevelt's boat
Ariel (1888) Archibald Rogers, Hyde Park
Ice Queen (1910) Buckhout built, Orange Lake yacht
North Wind (1908?) Orange Lake ice yacht
Orion (1906) Malden Brick Yard Boat, Malden-on Hudson
Puff (1872) Irving Grinnell boat, New Hamburgh
Reindeer (circa1900) From R. P. Huntington estate, Staatsburg
Aurora (1910?)
Hound (circa 1910) Huntington estate, Staatsburg
Cyclone (1901) Rogers boat, Hyde Park
Boreas  (1927)  New Hampshire ice yacht 
Flicker  (circa1940)
Cold Wave ( 1908) hollow backbone, new plank, second cockpit added in the 70s by the late Rueben Snodgrass.  420 sq ft sail; likely an Orange Lake boat.
Dash (1908?)  George Ruppert boat, Rhinebeck
GreyHound (1908?) Huntington boat
Genevieve (1908) Percy Ashley design. built in the Bronx;  originally owned by the Wrigley family.
Helen C. (circa 1939) originally from Red Bank class C and gaff rigged - re-rigged as Marconi in the 40s

North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club & Long Branch Ice Boat & Yacht Club

Rocket (1888, 2010)
Daisy (1890; originally lateen rigged)
Georgie II

From CT
Slipper  (1925) designed by L. Francis Herreshoff.  She's 26 ' in length. 

Pop (?)
Great South Bay Scooter from Ct (newer built - circa 1984) - for more on Scooters, go here.

I focus primarily on the old stern steerers in this blog. That's what this blog is about. But I'll note a few of the more than a dozen smaller, bow-steering ice boats. These are club member boats that I have come to know or folks who introduced them selves over the weekend.

Red Baron, Doc & Kate Shuter
Patrick L's  Blue DN
Dana & Julian's    Red DN, "Tide"
Cold Wave (Nite Class) John Henry

 Photos courtesy of and copyrighted by Ned Gerard. (except as noted)
Georgie II - this yacht has a long history with the Red Bank Club.
She is beautifully maintained and sailed. 

Flicker, a smart little cat boat.

The largest of the Rokeby fleet - Rip Van Winkle.
She sailed well with her new tulip poplar plank, recently finished by Reid Beilenberg.

Great South Bay Ice Scooter.
Photo Courtesy of Jack Norton
Marko sails his steel-tubed bow steerer, with a skeeter class bow steerer (Kemosabee, I believe)  just beyond.
Rocket passes further south near the Rhinecliff Bridge

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