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IYCPA of 1922

The last race for the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant was in 1922. Some years early Archie Rogers returned the pennant back to the New Hamburgh Ice Yacht Club. Between years with no good ice, old timers dying off, and failed efforts to get off a race, the pennant went back to where it originated. Finally a race was organized between clubs from Chelsea and New Hamburgh. One report is reprinted below:
(Read Frank Drake's letter about his memories of that race, in  a letter he wrote to Ray Ruge in 1950)
Scout is winner in iceboat race   (NYT 2/9/1922, and Poughkeepsie Eagle)

Sailing 10 miles to windward and ten to leeward over a twenty-mile course near here (Poughkeepsie)
on the Hudson River today, in the first of three races for the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennnat of America, the Scout, defender of the pennant now held by the New Hamburgh Ice Yacht Club, crossed the line the winner. The time was 1:03:10.

The Vixen, the lateen-rigged challenger, owned by Joseph Jova of the Chelsea Yacht Club, floundered in the wind, which was dead to windward, and finished fifth.

The masterly sailing of Scout by F.V. Drake in the windward breeze brought the defender across the finish line within three minutes of the record for this course for boats of sail expanse of 350 square feet.

Sailing conditions were ideal for today's race, the ice being hard and the wind directly north, with only an occasional squall.

The summary:
Scout, owned by J.L. Millard, sailed by Captain Frank Drake,  first
Ymir, Owned by R.W. Stuart, sailed by Frank Cleary,  second
Arrow, owned by C.W, Weeks, third;
Wizard, Owned by William J. Workman, sailed by Charlie Merrit,  fourth;
Vixen, owned by Joseph Jova, fifth.    Time - 1:03:10

A second race was scheduled for the next day. According to a Feb 10 article in the Poughkeepsie Eagle, the second race was postponed as there was not enough wind;
Vixen, sailing off of Poughkeepsie, 1889.
She has sailed in Challenge Pennant races in 1883, and 1922

Scout, now owned by the Lawrence family, sailing off Red Bank, NJ 2003.
Henry Bossett photo  

Ymir - this Hudson River boat was built by George Buckhout. It went to NJ at some point. Bob Lawrence told me a story that there was a race between Hudson River boats and Jersey boats on the Hudson (sometime in the 20s??) with winner take all - all the boats that is. Supposedly several HR ice yachts went south after that race. Ymir may have been one. (This could be one of those ice yachting "stories" for all I know...)
Ymir (Bob Lawrence said it was pronounced WHY-MIR;  I'd always figured EE-Mir) still sails with the NSIBYC in Red Bank NJ. Long time Jersey sailor and HRIYC member Greg Strand owned Ymir for a time and he replaced the backbone. She sailed on the Hudson in 2003. 
Ymir, on the Shrewsbury Feb. 12, 2000

Cockpit of the Ymir.

Arrow of the HRIYC 1888. 369 sq ft of sail; this may be the Arrow of the 1922 Pennant race.

Interestingly, according to an article in the Poughkeepsie Eagle, 3 of these same yachts raced each other  ten years earlier  - Feb 28, 1912. In this 10 mile race, off New Hamburgh, the finish order was:
Vixen, sailed by Capt. William Albertson  of the steamer Mary Powell;
Scout, sailed by Capt. Frank Drake, owner Jake Millard handling the sheets.
Wizard, sailed by Capt. Preston LeRoy, owner Wm. Workman on the sheets;

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