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Rudder, December 1901

I recently acquired an old issue of Rudder magazine. H. Percy Ashley wrote frequently on ice boating for Rudder from his home base at Orange Lake (outside of Newburgh, NY).  He created many ice yacht designs which Rudder published, which were used to build boats from Maine to the mid-west. He regularly reported on ice sailing around the country. I love the cover illustration he drew for this particular issue. There are some great photos as well.  It is amazing to discover that there were many ice sailing locations on out-of-the-way lakes. See the bits on ice sailing in Maine in 1901. Where are all those boats today??
These are all photos of images from this issue. 

Cover illustration by H. Percy Ashley. Note burgees of Hudson River Ice Yacht Club and the Orange Lake Ice Yacht Club.

Ice Yacht Scud, from the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club.
This version does not sport the trussed plank that many NJ big yachts used. Scud raced against HRIYC yachts for the Ice Challenge Pennant of America on the Hudson. Pictures from those races show her with the trussed plank.

Ashley sketched this version of Blizzard, which was likely built on plans developed by Ashley.
She sailed out of Burlington, VT on Lake Champlain.

Archie Rogers yacht Mink.

Archie Rogers' yacht Ariel. This was arguably one of his favorite smaller yachts.   In addition to the rig shown here, Rogers also rigged Ariel as a lateen boat; as a cat -rigged boat; and as a standard sloop rig. She still sails today, sloop-rigged.

You remember Harvey Lake, right?

Rogers was from Hyde Park and built many yachts for members of the HPIYC.

Sailing on Lake Champlain. See club boat listing below for Blizzard dimensions.

Amazing fleet of boats, near Bar Harbor, ME.
There were many big ice yachts in Maine at the turn of the century. 

Great example of a lateen-rigged yacht, Flying Fox carries 238 sq ft of sail. She sailed with the Kingston Ice Yacht Club of Canada (near Toronto).  

Roster of the Excelsior Ice Yacht Club; Quite a few ice yachts out of Burlington 115 years ago! 

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