Sunday, March 7, 2021

Last Day Orange Lake New video from Saturday! Season over

 One & done as it is said...  It was a short few days but some great sailing took place at Orange Lake. 

There were a few hours this morning of fickle winds, but half the fleet got in a few tacks and a race or 2 took place. By noon boats were being dismantled as the strong sun, softening ice and dying winds spelled the end for this season.  

Georgie II and Genevieve toward north end of the Lake, taken from the Lakehouse. 

Kevin, with kids, aboard Ice Queen.

Reid taking the tiller of Ariel as winds begin to die. He first sailed Ariel with Ray Ruge at EIYA races at Croton in 1970. 

 Boreus, ghosting back into the pits.       Warm weather made breakdown a lot easier! 

More edited footage from Saturday sailing. Watch first 30 seconds for A Boat race start & a wild hike!  Also DN sailing with 3rd generation iceboater from the Burger family.  Nice hiking here Daniel!

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