Saturday, February 15, 2014

Books on Ice Yachting...

from 1913
 for fun...
copyright 1919; This one's from 1948.

Published in 1964; this is an autographed copy.

I have what appears to be an original early manuscript version of the book; I believe it was sent to Ray Ruge for feedback
before the final draft was completed. It has many hand drawn illustrations of race courses and tacking and jibing strategies. 

a page of the typed manuscript.

An early sketch - this is not in the book.

a few great old photos are tucked into the pages of this draft.

Published in 1938. Lots of pictures from the 1930s.

from Wings on the Ice.

Published 1913.

Basically a collection of writings from Rudder magazine and elsewhere. Interestingly, two chapters go to William Stanbrough, who worked on his designs out of Orange Lake, along with Percy Ashley. Neither of his design modifications went much further than his writings from what I can tell.

published 1978.

Published 1974; This is a 2nd edition from 1976. Andresen raced Arrows. 

Sailing on Ice focuses on bow steerers.

Published in 1962. Again, focus is on bow steerers. Designs, building, racing.

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