Monday, February 24, 2014

Miles of River Ice!

We MAY have some pretty incredible sailing conditions by the end of the week. The 20+ inches of snow has almost disappeared from the surface thanks to saturation from below, rain and two days of warm temperatures. Temperatures over the next four nights are forecast to be in the single digits, so that should build some additional thickness over the next week.  There are grayed out smooth patches interspersed with a crusty, styrofoam-consistency snowy surface.  A decent breeze should push the stern steerers through that crusty surface. We are seeing smoothed out ice from Barrytown up north. There could be miles of sailable ice ahead. Club members are looking for new access points for the weekend as launching other boats on the Bay or at Astor Point is now difficult to impossible due to snow on the field roads. Look for updated information by late week. Don't make other plans for this weekend yet...
Looking southwest toward the Kingston Bridge
from Tivoli South Bay. The shiny patches are smooth ice.

Due west from the south end of Tivoli Bay.

Looking North up Tivoli Bay. Note the gray smooth ice along side
a thin crusty layer of snowy ice. There is plenty of thickness on the Bay.

North again, on Tivoli Bay. Four boats are on blocks awaiting the ice
to firm up with upcoming cold.

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