Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Manhasset returns to Hudson Valley after 70 years!

Hanging with the big rigs.....Sept. 2016 trip, Iowa to NY (photo courtesy Kate Shuter)
It was with much excitement that we waited for the long journey of the Ice Yacht Manhasset back to NYS. HRIYC club members Dock & Kate Shuter hauled the yacht, snugly encased in its custom 45' long trailer, on a  1200 mile journey from Lake View Iowa to the Hudson River.

Manhasset was built in Poughkeepsie in 1912 by George Buckhout.  Its history is well documented and the boat remains virtually as it was built 104 years ago.
It has been in the Scott family since 1946, when EE Scott purchased her in Long Island and car topped, on a 1941 Ford, the 32' boat back to his home in Iowa. The family has sailed her on Black Hawk Lake ever since. Jim & Margaret Scott were long time (long distance) members of the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club. I got to know them a bit through short notes Margaret often wrote to accompany annual dues they sent each winter. I was always curious about this double cockpit Buckhout built boat. I eventually met the two when they passed through Hyde Park about 12 years ago. They told stories of the boat and we had a nice lunch together. Jim passed away several years back and it was about a year ago that I received an email from his son Eric Scott, inquiring as to whether the HRIYC would be interested in acquiring the yacht. Of course we were! After 12 months of discussions with club members and John Scott in Iowa we reached an agreement and a price.  The hard part - towing the boat in its custom 45' long trailer - was taken on by Kate & Dock. They had a smooth journey back over 2 days.
Now the club will begin restoration of this unique boat - the only double cockpit yacht built by Buckhout. We look forward to seeing her sail on the Hudson for the first time some winter's day soon!
Manhasset, atop a 1941 Ford Super Deluxe Sedan, on its 1946 journey from Long Island to Iowa. Think about that! 

Safely home in Iowa, 1946.

Manhasset rigged and sailing on Black Hawk Lake circa 1950?

 Marge Scott passes on the tiller of Manhasset to Doc Shuter of the HRIYC.
(photo courtesy of John Scott)

 Just returned home to the Hudson after 1200 mile journey. Note crane unit on aft end of trailer!

Tiller post and Buckhout's builder plate.

second cockpit in trailer; it had been removed from the backbone.

Cast bronze tiller.

welcoming party at Glasco-on-Hudson.

cockpit, inside the trailer.

More on the history of Manhasset to follow.

Follow restoration work here:  Manhasset Restoration

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