Saturday, January 4, 2014

HRIYC club book 1908 Race records & member names

Part 2 of 1908 club book.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, John A. Roosevelt's nephew & Herman L. Rogers, Archie's youngest son,
both become members in 1902. FDR is 20; H.L. Rogers is 11.

Rules regarding the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America are printed in this year's book. This is the first two articles.

Record of all the races of the IYCPA to this point. The pennant was basically no longer raced for. Archie Rogers returned it to the New Hamburgh Club sometime after this. It was raced for one last time in 1922 between boats of the New Hamburgh and Chelsea Ice Yacht Clubs. (It was later resurrected by Ray Ruge and raced for in 1951 in bow steering boats. )

Summaries of various club races. Ice Yacht Pennant races are also described.

Note several years of no racing; likely due to poor ice or too much snow? (1894-95 and 1897-98, below 1900-01)

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