Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hyde Park Ice Yacht Club membership book 1909

The Hyde Park Club was organized on February 16, 1899.  Sailing became more frequent north of Poughkeepsie in these last years of the 1890s. Races and activity were based out of Archie Rogers' boathouse in Hyde Park. Many ice yachtsmen maintained dual memberships in both clubs (HRIYC and HPIYC) in the first 10 years of the HPIYC.

There are more pages of race records through 1908 in the book. 

Last image: Years ago I got to know Nancy Bowen, great Granddaughter of Archibald Rogers.
Her Grandfather was Edmund Pendelton Rogers, who was a childhood buddy of FDR. Nancy had a variety of Rogers iceboat items. One was Archie's Hyde Park Club book from 1909, which had his name & club pennant detailed on it.  This is a picture of the photocopy that she sent me of the HPIYC book - long before I got a copy of the club  book.  

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