Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club Book 1888

Club roster of members of HRIYC from 1888. I believe this to be the first
published book of members. The HRIYC formed in March of 1885.

Harry Briggs was long time secretary of the Hyde Park Ice Yacht Club,
though I find no record of his being a member of the HRIYC. He collected
ice boating items and wrote the history of the Poughkeepsie Ice Yacht Club
for the DC Historical Society. I would venture this early club book was part of his
collection at one point.

John A. Roosevelt was first commodore when the club was formed in 1885.
E.P. Roger was the brother of Archibald Rogers.
Charles Van Loan worked at the Rogers estate at Hyde Park.
He built the ice yacht
Cyclone, for Archie's son Herman Livingston Rogers. (I currently own and sail Cyclone).
Regatta committee chair Herman Livingston lived on the Hudson River just north of Germantown.
His boats are stored in barns at the estate there today.

Members number one & two: John A. Roosevelt & Archie Rogers....

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