Friday, January 31, 2014

Sailing Ice Boats the First Weekend of February

February 1st:
Very light winds stymied sailors on Tivoli Bay on Saturday. Puff, Cyclone, Boreus, Flicker, and North Wind
all raised sails and pushed around the wet ice.  I managed to push/sail above Skillypot where the winds freshened enough to make it to the north end.

Cyclone at the northern most end of Tivoli Bay, up against the marsh of cattails.

While stretching my aching back I noticed the upper sail area of Vixen across the raised railroad bed out on the River. She had sailed the plate of ice stretching from Astor Point up to Cruger Island.  There she was, opposite Cyclone, just off Cruger Island, but separated by the tracks that saw a steady stream of trains throughout the afternoon. Lots of River traffic, we do share the river with others, was noted as well.
Two of these large tankers were heading south and
gave a good long blast from the ships horn.

Coast guard ice breaker passes the Intermarine tanker,
as viewed under the first railroad trestle on the bay.

I walked across the tracks separating the bay from the river at one point and saw the sails of  Hound, Floater,  Orion, as well as Vixen, all enjoying steadier winds on the River proper.
We'll be back on the ice on Super Bowl Sunday - seems to be a tradition - and hoping the winds will be strong enough.

Stefan looks for a breeze aboard "Flicker".

Puff and Flicker 

food & drink and a warm stove at the days end.

Jan 31:There are four boats on the Hudson River at Astor Point in Barrytown: Vixen, Hound, Orion & Floater.  Reindeer is being set up and a DN is ready to jump off its blocks and sail away.  There may be more boats joining the fleet this weekend. Forecasted light winds may interfere with good sailing, so folks may only be able to enjoy the sight of the old boats rigged and sitting on the frozen, tidal Hudson.
Tivoli Bay boats (Puff, Cyclone, Aurora, Flicker, North Wind) will be out                                                 and hoping that the winds build in order to get the runners gliding over the frozen surface.

Vixen (left) and Hound, sail into the northern cove of Astor Point in Barrytown. The boats sailed clear ice  about one mile north of the Rhinecliff Bridge.  

Boats will also be on Tivoli South Bay this weekend. 
Tivoli Bay Access: Find parking at Unification Church lot in Barrytown; Follow "Father's trail" down to the bay. Astor Point: Park at Barrytown Post Office; Walk along- NOT ON - the RR tracks south about 200 yards. Find a safe access point onto the ice.  (Walking on the tracks is extremely dangerous and foolish)

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