Friday, January 24, 2014

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club 1890 part 2

Here is another copy of the HRIYC club book for 1890.  A kind lady who acquired it years ago when she lived in Staatsburg, donated it to the club after she moved away from the area. This copy is intriguing as it shows the notes the secretary was making in preparation for updating the info on members and yachts for the next version of the book.
Edmund Pendelton Rogers, Archibald Rogers father, was secretary in 1890. John Hopkins was secretary in 1896. I believe these are E.P. Rogers handwritten notes. Most of the changes noted are then seen updated in the 1896 book. E.P. Rogers is not in the 1896 book at all - he died in February of 1895

Measurer Charles Van Loan, worked at the Roger's estate, Crumwold Hall, in Hyde Park.
He built 
Cyclone, the 1900 ice yacht I own.

Reindeer was sold to Theodore Wetmore out on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.
It was one of the first of many HR ice yachts to be sold to sportsman out in the mid-west.

Arnold Brower's membership card was inside the book. Brower acquired John Roosevelt's yacht "Kriss" sometime in the 30s. He and Tom Gilbert were active in sailing the vintage stern steerers off of Hyde Park in the late 1930s. This is the only evidence that the club was trying to become reestablished at that time. There are letters from FDR to Harry Briggs in which FDR gives his blessings to the re-start up of the club in the early 40s.
Brower was from Hyde Park and he may have gotten ahold of this book back in the 30s. 

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