Friday, January 31, 2014

Tom Gilbert

Tom Gilbert was a long time member of the HRIYC. He passed away in 2004.
He came from a family of Hyde Park Iceboaters. His father Walter Gilbert was a member of the Hyde Park Ice Yacht Club in the early 1900s. The family boat was Sweet Marie, which raced in club races in the years from 1900 to 1912. Tom recalled playing around in Archie Rogers boathouse as a kid, climbing around Jack Frost and Santa Claus.
Later on, Tom and his brothers acquired Comet and Allons. They also built a small stern steerer in the 1960s called Angela. All these boats are still in sailing shape today.  
I recently came upon a bunch of photos of Tom. He was a gentleman. 

sailing off Rokeby, circa 1970 (above & below).

Tom, on Sweet Marie, circa 1939, off Hyde Park Landing.  

Sailing Sweet Marie, with guests, that same winter, off Hyde Park.

Allons, circa 1939. Tom & his brothers acquired this from the family of H.B. Sleight of Hyde Park.

Tom, on the right, with John Somma, past Commodore.
This was the day  
Icicle was removed from the FDR Museum in Hyde Park, mid 1990s.

Tom, 2nd from left, with ice boat buddies in the late 30s. Here they pose with Kriss, John A. Roosevelt's old boat.
Art DeGroff, on the far right, was a local baseball hero, who often skippered yachts in races in the last years of the
 Hyde Park Ice Yacht Club.  

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