Tuesday, January 28, 2014

History of the Poughkeepsie Ice Yacht Club

Harry Briggs was long time secretary of the Hyde Park Ice Yacht Club, serving from 1904 - 1928. He was a friend of FDR and an avid historian. He wrote a two part series published in the Dutchess County Historical Society's annual yearbook (1951 & 1952).  This is a very comprehensive overview of the early days of ice yachting in Poughkeepsie. Briggs studied news clippings on ice yachting in Poughkeepsie from the 1860s through the demise of the PIYC around 1890.
Part one, (here, you can read these digital images from the original Year Book of 1951) covers through 1879. Some great stuff here for the patient reader. Part 2 to follow eventually.
You may be able to get your own copy of the yearbook through the DC Historical Society.

Briggs covers discussions on the question of  the earliest ice boating on the Hudson. 

Briggs covers early news accounts of sailing off Poughkeepsie in 1860-61, and formation of the Poughkeepsie club.

Only photo with the article.

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