Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club Member Book 1908

I believe this to be the last Club book that HRIYC produced. FDR is an officer this year.

The Fleet continues to grow. It now is comprised of 6 classes, based on sail area.

Icicle and Frost survive.

Great Scott is still sailed here in '08.  She is the former "Robert Scott" , owned by Capt. H. Relyea from Athens. He sailed the Scott down to Poughkeepsie in 1881 and this smaller (relatively speaking at the time...) sloop yacht handily beat many of the larger Poughkeepsie ice yachts of the day.

Onteora & Whiff survive today. North Star is in storage at the NYS Museum in Albany.

Storm King is in the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vermont. Ymir & Rainbow sail out of Red Bank, NJ. Hawk is in storage at the FDR library. the hollow backbone of Otter is in a barn locally. Vixen still sails most winters.

Ariel sails out of Orange Lake; Chris - now "Kriss" is still active; Dashaway is being restored; Reindeer is part of the Rokeby fleet.

Comet, Dash, Allons, & Cyclone (my boat) still survive. There is a "Pathfinder" at Rokeby that is not this version. Nameplates may have been swapped at some point. 

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